Everyone’s doing reviews so I want to as well

I bought the Zombies, Run! app despite the fact that: a.) I am not athletic nor do I enjoy getting off my butt if I don’t have to, and b.) I freak out when I think things are chasing me.

That being said, here’s my mini review

So I am once again not a runner, and as such can’t really tell you anything from that perspective. However, even as a non-runner I found this app to be freakin awesome. The sounds and plot and just all of it actually kept me moving (even though I fast walked the majority of the mission), while usually whenever I scrounge up the motivation to run I give up after a few minutes.

I liked the plot and the objectives and all of it, and it kept me distracted from the fact that I was running and instead made me focus on the storyline. Also after the radio person speaks sometimes it’ll fade into your running playlist and so that was like the best motivation ever for some reason. Make sure you get a really solid running playlist, too. I didn’t, so I was fleeing from zombies with At Last playing seductively in the background. I felt mocked. 

Now let me reiterate on my second point here and say that I HATE BEING CHASED. Seriously, my heart starts beating like a piston and I start shaking and I just take off. I started running the app while walking to the gym in my street clothes and I figured hey I’ll listen for a bit and just not run, but the second the guy talking to me said, “There are 30 zombies behind you run, RUN!” and I could hear those grawwrr sounds (that legit sounded like they were right behind me) I was like LOL NOPE ;-; and just took off running down the sidewalk, barreling past pedestrians and nearly running into a car. It scared the freakin’ bajeebis out of me, even when I knew it wasn’t real. 

So basically this is my thought process while using this app:
"Alright alright yeah… yeah I got this okay British guy tell me what’s up okay I got this this isn’t scary pfft I thought this was wait what do you mean they’re right behind me they’re HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP THEY’RE CHASING ME HOLY SHIT SHIT SHIT RUN SHI SHIT RUN RUN RUN FREAKING RUN OMG THEY’RE RIGHT BEHIND ME THEY’RE RIGHT GET OUT OF MY WAY GUY MOVE I I HAVE TO okay okay I got away yes got this okay I’m good yes I’m  NO NOT AGAIN NO RUN RUN SHUT UP BRITISH GUY WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY’RE RIGHT BEHIND ME NO I’M NOT GOING TO TURN AROUND ARE YOU INSANE OH LORD OH LORD I’M GOING TO DIE THIS IS IT I’M DEAD OMG OMG HELP I CAN’T IT BURNS WHAT okay okay I can slow down for a bit okay yes okay yeah this isn’t so hard. Yeah."

Overall I give this an A++++ (that’s how my Russian teacher grades. If you do really bad she’ll give you an A- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - instead of just giving you a C) and I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to run, lacks motivation to run, and loves zombies. Also if you’re a scaredy cat like me, hearing flesh-eating undead creatures chasing you is a hella good motivator. 

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    I was reading about this app yesterday and immediately said “I must have this!” My friends made fun of me and said it...
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