hey wanna hear why I think one of my roommates knows about me and Caitlin? ok this is why 

so I’m not out to any of the folks I live with just because they’re all in a Christian sorority and that scares me but anyway so the other night Caitlin came over to “study” and by study I mean do a little homework and then make-out a lot and so that was happening and then at one point she got thirsty so we went to get water from the kitchen and my roommate was just sitting there in the living room quietly eating dinner and I was like OH CRAP because the walls in this apartment are super thin so there’s a pretty distinct chance that she might of heard some of what was going down

and anyway we stay and make small talk because she and Caitlin are in the same class and  they had a test the next day and while they’re talking I realize that Caitlin is wearing a Georgia Equality type pride shirt and I was just like yep of course so that was a thing as well

and then we awkwardly went back to my room and tried to be quiet but at this point I was like yep she knows and then my roommate went to sleep around 10 ish and Caitlin left at like 11 so the roomie never saw her leave

and so it took me a while to fall asleep that night and so I ended up sleeping through my alarm clock and waking up right when I was supposed to be leaving for the bus, and the thing is me and roommate ride the bus together in the mornings because we have the same first class (one we also share with Caitlin, remember this detail) and so she was like, “Jill! Are you ready?” and I was standing in my room half-naked because I was trying to get dressed super fast and so I awkwardly yell back (and this is a direct quote), “Uhhh (pause) I overslept a bit… I’m just gonna take the next bus, ok?” and my voice wavered cause I was rushing and like I could hear her pause in the living room before being like mmkay and leaving

so then I leave for the next bus which comes 15 minutes later and Caitlin’s on it because she rides the later bus because she’s not as neurotic as I am, so we ride the bus together and we walk to that first class we all share and we walk in and roommate just looks at her and me and her again and says, “So you overslept, huh?”

and that is why I think she knows

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