hey if you’re interested here is a collection of pictures of my body wearing various things that were purchased over my spring break

okay so I got a lot of stuff this break like A LOT OF STUFF

so yeah lots of shopping was had I bought a good handful of button ups

same pose oh yeah!

and I feel like I got another one that was also a denim style but lighter but idk where it is so oooo moving on

I also got a freaking wicked awesome lace dress

which is so what I wanted for ages but couldn’t find and see I can pair that with any of the three belts I bought

with/without any of the three pairs of shoes I bought

and also I could pair it with my GAY VEST

speaking of my GAY VEST, I can pair said GAY VEST with any of the t-shirts/tank I bought

look at that freaking unicorn shirt paired with that freaking GAY VEST jeez can you say homosexual


also got a swing skirt LOOK AT HOW SWING IT IS

jeez it’s gonna be so fun to swivel in this skirt jeez man goodness

I also got two shirts like this

they are loose and have buttons and I want to pair them with cute sandals and shorts and go walk on the beach hey bro speaking of shorts look at these freaking creatures



also these shorts

ladies and gents I am set on shorts for LIFE or at least until these fall apart

so yes guys I’d say my typical summer wardrobe will be some variation of this

paired with flats or sandals or gay boots which is awesome cause there is an endless combination possibility for my shorts/shirts pairings hey speaking of gay boots I also got 

cute little critters to wear and have peeking up out of my boots when I wear dresses or shorts or what have you, how cute is that nonsense?????

also I got polka dot tights which are somewhere in this apartment I’m assuming which I can pair with shorts or my dress so yeah homies check that nonsense out I am gonna be so cute this summer dang 


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