I had a dream last night where I was trapped in this building that terrorists had taken over and that they were going to blow up and it was my job to get this girl out of the building (someone from my old school) and I could rewind time every time we died by five minutes so the whole dream was just me trying to get her out and then us dying and then rewinding time and trying to get her out a different way and anyway that’s not the point the point is at one point there was a TV and Dianna Agron was on it in a commercial and she MADE OUT WITH ANOTHER GIRL ON THE COMMERCIAL AH and in that 5 minute rewind I spent the whole time freaking out at the girl being like LOOK AT HER SHE’S KISSING ANOTHER GIRL DO YOU SEE THAT?!? THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER only bc I wasted the whole 5 minutes we ended up dying in that timeline but that was totally worth it SHE MADE OUT WITH ANOTHER GIRL YOU GUYS

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