Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back To Me Now
138,075 plays ♫

The first time I ever heard this song I was riding in a car with this girl I didn’t know very well and it was super awkward and quiet and then this song came on and I didn’t know at all what it was but I hated it and then the girl driving the car started softly whispering the lyrics to it with this extremely serious poker face on and then slowly she got louder and louder and it was so horribly awkward and uncomfortable because she was just sitting there singing this like it was her message to the world or something and I just sat there praying that the song would end but it didn’t for what felt like eternity because this song is frickin 7 minutes long or something so I just sat there gripping the seat as she basically cried along with the lyrics and eventually it ended and the rest of the car ride was in silence as she stared steadily ahead as if that epic power ballad had never occurred and I was like wow that was uncomfortable and then days went by and they turned into weeks and I found that I just couldn’t get this frickin’ song out of my head, like everywhere I went I’d hear the girl’s voice softly whimpering out the lyrics and it drove me mad to the point where I went and downloaded it and then I listened to it through thinking yes this will rid me of this cursed song but it was still there and so I listened to it again and again and again and then suddenly after my 49th play I realized it wasn’t so bad and I actually started to like it and by the 340th play I was madly in love with this song and I found myself playing it around the house and on my ipod and whenever I ride with someone in my car I’ll play it and before I know it I’ll start softly whispering the lyrics, my extremely serious poker face on….

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